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AX Live Stream
AX Live Stream

Ever wanted to receive premium contents right as they are happening? Craving to see those sporting activities as each whistles goes off in real time?

Well, you are in luck. axLiveStream brings you all of these and more right as they are happening.

axLiveStream brings to you the best of Nigerian contents right as they are happening, allowing you to know it all as it is happening without missing a beat. From events, to live sports, to concerts and shows, axLiveStream provides live streaming access to them all, allowing yo to be the first to know about it as it should be.

With axLiveStream you can never be behind on the matter.




Ever thought of having Twitter threads as a podcast? Or hearing those savage replies with the tone the writer intended and how you pictured it in your head? Or simply having good audio contents? 

Well, axRadio  brings you all of those for you in one place with no stress at all. It curates all of the best audio contents for you to have on the go the way you picture those savage responses in your head.

It will also be offering the best of Nigerian emerging musical contents, all in one place for your consumption. 


Finding premium contents on a daily basis can be a hassle. From Instagram to Twitter to YouTube, sorting through all of these platforms and the internet in general to find premium contents can be really stressful, time and data consuming as well.

Allow axTv to relieve you of all the stress of it all.

axTv brings to you all of these premium contents without any of the stress attached to it. Gathering only the best in premium contents from all over the internet into one single media outlet for you to enjoy. Your best Instagram contents, YouTube shows and general premium contents from all over the internet are all gathered for you.

axTv, all the premium contents without the premium stress.